Nourish the Solution offers a variety of innovative coaching programs that take a systemic approach to serve your individual needs. This means we collaborate, design and tailor the program specifically to support your body, mind and spirit. Whether you are simply seeking greater well being, or embarking on the marathon holistic healing journey, our programs will support and empower you to find peace and hope.

Daily mindfulness-based practices and tools and solution-focused strengths-based coaching sessions will support and calm your system so you can slow down, relax, develop insight and focus on finding the solutions to support greater wellness and health.

By participating in NtS programs, new pathways will be discovered to restore your quality of life. Obtaining a mindful disposition and greater well-being will ultimately give you strength and peace.

We will co-create a mindfulness-based practice that works for your lifestyle, activates your inner wisdom and nourishes your life.

1.MINDFULNESS-Based Solution-Focused (MB-SF) Coaching Program 8 sessions (twice a month)

Various mindfulness techniques, exercises, and tools will be included in the SF coaching sessions in order for them to be applied to your life and work situations. This program is ideal for goal attainment, greater self regulation, and developing a mindful disposition.

2. OPTIMUM Wellness Program 6 months duration (twice a month)

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or fatigued, and would like to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life for greater well-being, this program is ideal.

3. RESTORING Of Life Program 12 months duration (twice a month)

This program is designed for maximum support while you navigate a chronic condition or chronic symptoms. If you are seeking to restore your quality of life, this program will be tailored to support you on this long haul journey.

4. NOURISH My Day Program 1 Day duration (5-6 hours)

A highly personalized VIP coaching program where we spend the entire day together- online or in person. We will focus on supporting every aspect of your life to support your wellness needs.

5. FREE Online FB NtS Community

This is a free online solution focused community that caters specifically for people living with and navigating chronic conditions related to autoimmunity, movement disorders, toxic overload and autoimmunity.

6. CO-Coaching training 4 weeks

This is a 4 week online program where people with chronic conditions will be trained to coach their peers and others on this long haul journey by using evidence-based coaching tools. This is a strengths-based approach that incorporates mindfulness-based solution-focused strategies that will enable people with chronic conditions to self manage and support each other and gain peace, support and understanding whilst on their journey.

7. B ME Online Group Mentoring Program 3-WEEKS

Specifically designed for improved well being.

“Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive.” Ernest Hemingway

The 3 week B ME online group program is a gentle integrative program that tunes in to what nourishes and supports your well being. It includes weekly individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions, and daily mindfulness practices that provide an evidence-based approach to wellbeing and aliveness that tunes in to what nourishes YOU through a daily practice of:
• mindful Breathing
• mindful Moving
• mindful Eating

Nourish the Solution’s B ME online group program will help you to strengthen your commitment to wellbeing, positive emotions and mindfulness practices by coaching and supporting you through 3 interconnected steps of mindful breathing mindful moving and mindful eating.

8. 5 STEPS Towards Wellness Online Group Mentoring Program

Specifically designed to support the wellbeing of people living with chronic conditions

“Research has shown that positive emotions and interventions can bolster health, achievement, and resilience, and can buffer against depression and anxiety” Martin Seligman, (2010)

The 5week program is a gentle integrated approach that tunes in to what nourishes and supports you through weekly individual and group coaching and mentoring, and daily mindfulness practices that will support your sense of connection, self love and healing journey.

Nourish the Solution’s 5 Steps towards wellness online group program was designed specifically for you if you are living with a chronic condition and need support for the long road ahead. It is a gentle approach that helps you to mindfully strengthen your commitment to wellness, positive emotions and meditation practices by coaching and mentoring you through 5 interconnected steps

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9. Live and Online Peak Performance Coaching

A peak performance for individual, teams and groups of athletes and performers can be described as a flow state of intense joy and happiness. It is where the individual and group have a focused concentration on the task at hand, a sense of control, loss of self and time. Peak performance is a state that can be compared to peak experience, the zone of optimal functioning, that special feeling where everything flows. It refers to performances where individuals are in the zone and when they achieve an exceptional performance. They are energized yet relaxed and absorbed in the moment. Mindfulness based exercises, relaxation, attentional control exercises, and imagery can support ways for athletes and performers to increase awareness of their ideal performance states.

The purpose of this program is to provide an integrative individualized approach that enhances the individual or group’s performance and well being. This program promotes peak performance by providing continuous feedback, supporting an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and promoting long term well being by utilizing a combination of approaches that support athletes, artists and musicians to achieve this state by incorporating visualization, PETLEP and MAC approaches combined with Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching:

PETLEP: is a motor imagery process approach that enhances performance skill learning, stress management, performance and confidence. This process activates the prefrontal, cerebellum, and basal ganglia which strengthens memory trace and patterns to support peak performance. The PETLEP components help to improve the psychomotor skills and create the “calm mind-aroused body” state required for peak performance.

CBC: Empirical studies support Cognitive Behavioral Coaching–Solution Focused coaching as a means of enhancing goal attainment. This intervention helps to support necessary changes in thoughts and behavior to support pre and post performance.

MAC: Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment Therapy (MAC) was deigned to enhance performance and psychological well being of elite athletes. The purpose of this intervention is to create a sustained state of attentional awareness that is non-judging during the actual performance.

This program provides a total commitment to pursuing excellence, quality training, setting daily goals, imagery training, competition simulation, imagery training, quality mental preparation, focus plans, ongoing competition evaluation procedures, and a plan for dealing with distractions by utilizing these evidence-based practices.