Peak Performance Coaching

Jodie delivers innovative mental training, mindfulness and commitment interventions, performance systems, and evidence-based strategies to ensure elite athletes achieve optimal performance levels. A peak performance for an individual, team, group, athlete and performer can be described as a flow state of intense joy and happiness. It is where the individual and group have a focused concentration, a sense of control and that special feeling where everything flows. Mindfulness based exercises, relaxation, attentional control exercises, and imagery can help athletes and performers to increase awareness of their ideal performance states.

Peak performance coaching programs provides a total commitment to pursuing excellence, quality training, setting daily goals, imagery training, competition simulation, quality mental preparation, focus plans, ongoing competition evaluation procedures, and a plan for dealing with distractions by utilizing these evidence-based practices such as:

This is a motor imagery process approach that enhances performance skill learning, stress management and confidence. This process activates the prefrontal, cerebellum, and basal ganglia which strengthens memory trace and patterns to support peak performance. The PETLEP components help to improve the psychomotor skills and create the “calm mind-aroused body” state required for peak performance.

Empirical studies support Cognitive Behavioral Coaching–Solution Focused coaching as a means of enhancing goal attainment. This intervention helps to support necessary changes in thoughts and behavior to support pre and post performance.

Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment Therapy (MAC) helps to create a sustained state of attentional awareness during the actual performance.