Glenn McDonald

It’s Glenn McDonald here-  brain cancer survivor and Jodie’s client. I’m grateful for the hard work Jodie has put in to working with me on addressing life issues and my mind; it has been impressive working with her. She has such knowledge and passion for her craft. The amazing goals we have achieved in only a short period of time has been truly inspirational and a reflection of her professionalism and compassion.

Cath Simes

I’m Cath, I’m Jodie’s coachee. I was diagnosed with a neurological condition about 3 years and Jodie has been enormously helpful with this really really difficult journey with dystonia. Her coaching sessions have helped me in enormous ways. She has a compassion and wisdom and experience that has been enormously beneficial.

She’s encouraged me to keep symptom diaries, to focus on my breathing, and to practice mindfulness; things that are really difficult but practices which I can see have real benefit. Because of her own experience with living with a chronic condition, she has a compassion that is enormously valuable to me. Her experience with this is like no one else in my life has. I’m able to benefit from her because of her experience and wisdom. I highly recommend mindfulness- based coaching with jodie. Because of her experience and wisdom I have found some hope.

Sonja Keller

Jodie is an inspirational teacher and coach. As a colleague, we have worked collaboratively together on projects. Jodie does not cease to amaze me with her knowledge, creativity and experience both personally and professionally around managing chronic illness with Mindfulness-based coaching, and utilising a holistic, evidence-based approach which is solutions-focused and strengths based with her clients. Jodie is empathic and realistic with her expectations and is able to transfer her knowledge and skills into clear actionable steps. I would not hesitate in recommending Jodie as a life coach, particularly if you are suffering with any type of debilitating illness.

Daniela Laucht

Jodie is such a warm and empathetic coach. As a yoga teacher and school teacher, I really value her experience and knowledge in the area of mindfulness and teacher well-being and it has been such a pleasure to work with her and learn from her. Her patience to listen to each and every individual story and her ability to guide you on your own journey is truly exceptional.